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(T0059) How do I install the fax server?

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Please Note: This feature is no longer supported. This document is available for reference for older versions of ServiceLedger only. ServiceLedger will not support and, depending on your version, may not even include the necessary software for fax integration.

ServiceLedger provides server based faxing for exporting your reports directly to a fax communication.  The fax server is licensed separately and may be purchased from  ServiceLedger only supports modems from Zoom Telephonics & US Robotics.  USB and "Win" modems are not recommended.  We suggest the external RS-232 serial versions. 

To install the fax server:

  1. Download the link to the fax server provided by ServiceLedger sales
  2. Using the unzipping tool of your choice, Unzip and place the file contents in a folder at c:\fax. DO NOT INSTALL FROM ANOTHER DIRECTORY!  Users installing on Windows 2003 Server please see:
  3. Double click Pinst.exe at c:\fax
  4. Click install printer driver
  5. You should receive a success message, if you receive an error, please see:
  6. Change the global option "company.fax_and_email_server.fax_com_port" to the COM port your FAX Modem is on
  7. (a) If only the fax copy of serviceledger will be running on the fax machine, change the global option "company.fax_and_email_server.machine_name" to the host name of your fax server (the machine you installed the printer driver on)
    (b) Alternatively, set the above option to the name of a dedicated user account for fax processing (you will have to create this account, and it must have administrative rights). This is useful if the fax machine is a Windows Terminal Server.
  8. Leave ServiceLedger running on the fax server so that it can process reports (this requires a user license)

Our fax server does not require manufacturer's drivers (Zoom & US Robotics).  After installing your modem, it is best to use the Device Manager to disable the modem.  This prevents XP, 2k, & 2k3 from intercepting the port from the fax server.  The fax server communicates with the modem directly through the com port defined above.  If you leave the detected modem as enabled, you may experience reliability problems when your server polls the modem driver.

To use the fax server:

  1. Whenever you run a report, click the fax button.  You will be able to enter a fax number through "Arbitrary"
  2. Faxes are queued and processed by the server.
  3. ServiceLedger must be running on the fax server to process an outbound fax

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