ServiceLedger White Papers

Equipment Service and Preventative Maintenance Scheduling Software Made Easy

ServiceLedger provides extensive equipment service and preventative maintenance scheduling functionality to help you track customer equipment inventory, track the service and invoice history on each piece of equipment, and manage your preventative maintenance schedules and meter-usage billing.

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Key Capabilities

Below you will find information on commonly used features of the equipment service and preventative maintenance scheduler with sample screenshots. If you have any other questions regarding our service dispatching software, please do not hesitate to call us at 940.497.2834 or email us at

Equipment List

The Equipment List allows you to easily search for equipment records by customer ID or name, equipment ID, serial number, or any other field you need to search by.

Equipment Window

The Equipment Window provides you with an instant snapshot into the entire history of the equipment record, including any history from prior locations and/or customers. You can track all equipment details, service history, invoice history, equipment components, and set up preventative maintenance scheduling and meter-usage tracking.

Equipment Service Notes

On each work order you can attach one or multiple equipment records and create separate service notes for each equipment record serviced. A technician can view all important details about the equipment including date of last service, installation date, warranty expiration, prior service history and more. Anything recorded on the Equipment Service Note including problem codes, resolution codes and invoice charges is copied to the equipment history for tracking purposes.

Equipment Problem Codes and Invoice Charges

You can track your equipment problem and resolution codes to build a database of problems and resolutions for quick and easy resolution later. All problem codes are attached to the equipment service note and stored in the equipment service history for easy access. You can also track invoice charges, such as parts installed, labor, and meter billing on each job. This also appears in the equipment service history so you can see that history from a financial perspective.

Equipment Preventative Scheduling

ServiceLedger allows you to track a single PM Schedule for each piece of equipment, or have multiple PM Schedules for the same piece of equipment, allowing flexibility for scheduling different kinds of preventative maintenance for the different types of services you need to perform on each piece of equipment.

Equipment Preventative Maintenance Scheduler

The Equipment PM Scheduler allows you to view all equipment records due for preventative maintenance in a given time period and allows you to quickly create the work orders for each equipment record from one screen. You can pre-assign equipment to a specific resource or schedule the equipment PM to a resource at a later time.