ServiceLedger White Papers

Resource Management Software Made Easy

ServiceLedger provides powerful resource management functionality that allows you to stay on top of your employee, subcontractor, and equipment resources. All resources can be scheduled on jobs and, depending upon your workflow, can be automatically or manually assigned. You can track all information on resources, including labor, cost, profitability, utilization, and more.

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Key Capabilities

Below you will find information on our most common functions of the resource management function with sample screenshots. If you have any other questions regarding our service dispatching software, please do not hesitate to call us at 940.497.2834 or email us at

Technician Window

Manage all of your technicians and track their skills and territories serviced. Enter different rates and costs for different technicians. Rank each technician based upon general ranking or skill rating so that you can sort your technicians on the scheduler based upon your preference.

Subcontractor Window

The Subcontractor Window separates all of your subcontractors from your general technicians and tracks information specific to the subcontractor, including skill or trade, territories serviced, and any related documents you need to store, including insurance and bond information, trade certification, and more. Create vendor records from the subcontractor record so that you can track all subcontractor payables.

Equipment Resources

ServiceLedger allows you to manage company equipment resources that may be scheduled to a job, such as trailers or heavy machinery. Equipment can be scheduled just like a technician or team and can be easily tracked on the service schedule and dispatch board.

Resource Reporting

Generate different reports on your resources, including profitability, utilization, and more, to help you better manage your resources and determine how well they are performing.