ServiceLedger White Papers

Service Contract Software Made Easy

ServiceLedger provides flexible service contract management allowing to to create service contracts for your customers, define coverage from limited to full coverage, and invoice with whatever frequency you choose.  Tracks all contact revenue, cost and profitability and allows you to instantly know where you stand on any service contract.

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Key Capabilities

Below you will find information on our most common functions of the contract management function with sample screenshots.  If you have any other questions regarding our service dispatching software, please do not hesitate to call us at 940.497.2834 or email us at

Contract Window

The Contract Window tracks all information about a service contract including contract details, invoicing information, revenue and cost via the Ledger and all service history charged to the contract via the usage Tracking.  Contracts can cover equipment and the contract amount can be based upon different equipment attached to the contract.  All revenue, costing and profitability on contracts available from the contract record to let you know where you stand at any time.  

Contract/Agreement Plans

Contract/Agreement Plans allow you to define pre-existing templates of coverage and select them as a plan option when creating contracts for customers for quick and easy contract creation.  Saves significant time over having to manually define coverage for each contract at creation time.

Agreement Renewals

Agreement Renewal Manager allows you to manage your renewals and automatically renew contract or send out renewal notices via Quotes that can be tracked in ServiceLedger for forecasting and sales tracking.

Contract Invoicing

Contract invoicing allows you to generate multiple invoices with one click of a button by opening the Recurring Invoicing Window and selecting the invoices that need to be generated.  Easy options allow you to Select All or Unselect All and to check the invoices you want to generate.  All contract details can be added to your contract invoice including invoice frequency, coverage dates, etc.