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Service Scheduling & Dispatch Software Made Easy

ServiceLedger prides itself on providing robust, yet easy-to-use service scheduling and dispatch software solutions for your service organization.  With ServiceLedger, you can schedule jobs the way you always have using any of our flexible scheduling options.  ServiceLedger allows you to schedule by specific time, time slot or schedule over one or multiple days for your larger jobs, or you can use the Scheduling Assistant to schedule jobs with other jobs in the same area, territory or region for maximum scheduling efficiency.  Additionally, depending upon your needs, you can do team schedule and route scheduling with ServiceLedger allowing you to schedule teams and/or schedule jobs on specific recurring routes. 

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Key Capabilities

Below you will find information on our most common schedulers with sample screenshots.  If you have any other questions regarding our service scheduling software, please do not hesitate to call us at 940.497.2834 or email us at

Dispatch Board

The Dispatch Board allows you to schedule your resources on a specific day and track the work loads and assignments of your resources at any given time.  The intuitive interface allows you to color-code jobs and is fully drag and drop so you can easily change the schedule at any time.  From this one screen you can quickly dispatch your personnel including printing work orders, emailing or text messaging work orders, or sending work orders to their mobile device.

Time Scheduler

The Time Scheduler allows you to schedule your resources by specific time.  For example, if you tell your clients you will be there at a specific time the time scheduler is for you.  The time scheduler supports color-coding of jobs and supports drag and drop capabilities.

Time Slot Scheduler

The Time Slot Scheduler allows you to schedule by any specific time slot.  For example, if your tell your clients you will be there during a time range, the time slot scheduler is for you.  The time slot scheduler supports color-coding of jobs, drag and drop capabilities and will alert you if any resource is scheduled over capacity to prevent over scheduling.  You can define your own time slots using the Preferences option in ServiceLedger. 

Day Scheduler

The Day Scheduler allows you to schedule jobs over multiple days.  This scheduler is perfect for any company that schedules large jobs that take days, weeks or months to complete.  Works similar to project GANT charts.  The day scheduler supports color-coding of jobs and drag and drop capabilities.

Job Scheduler

Allows you to take existing jobs (including new jobs, past-due jobs, etc.) and drag from the Job Scheduler over to either the Dispatch Board, Time Scheduler, Time Slot Scheduler or Day Scheduler.  Perfect for companies that create jobs first and allows scheduling to figure out when to schedule the jobs.

Work Order Roll Over Feature

The Work Order Roll Over function allows you to automatically or manually roll over jobs that were not completed from one day to the next.  For example, if you have three jobs from the prior day that were not completed and you wanted to roll them over to the current day or some future day, you just select the jobs and reschedule for the date you select.  Additionally, you can reschedule for the same tech or reschedule for unassigned and untimed allowing you to determine who will do the job when on that day.  The automated roll over allows you to automatically roll over uncompleted jobs from one day to the next based upon your preferences. 

Scheduling Assistant

The Scheduling Assistant takes all the effort out of scheduling and allows the software to provide you with efficient scheduling options based upon your pre-defined criteria.  All you have to do is enter the date range and any specific skill set and territory you are looking for and ServiceLedger will search your existing jobs and provide you with options that will increase your scheduling efficiency by scheduling multiple jobs in the same area on the same day and time range.